A Heart for Haiti Missions

Serving God and loving His people in Northeast Haiti and the Dominican Republic  

A Heart for Haiti Missions

 Julienne Lebrun, Deborah Eklund (co-founders), Tammy Poulin * (who works in Haiti independently) and Pastor Bob Kendall and his wife Lesley (promoters of the program) from the Breakabeen Presbyterian Church in Breakabeen, New York. All donations will be given under the non-profit 501(c)3 status of this church.

A Heart for Haiti Missions

Mission Statement

March 2010

A Heart for Haiti Missions is an inter-denominational Christian non-profit organization that works in Northeastern Haiti. Our goal is to come along side of our brothers and sisters in Christ to serve God and love the people of Haiti. That with feeding, education and sustainability which is provided by the funds of our supporters we can help the Haitians to help themselves.

We are faith based and trust that God will provide for these programs.  To Him we give all the glory. Because we are an all volunteer program there are no overhead expenses and 100% of all donations go directly to the Haitian people and children.



Julienne Lebrun is from Madison, Maine. She has made several trip's to Haiti independently and with other missions. She belongs to the Baptist Church in Madison, Maine. Julienne is a Grand Master in the Tae Kwon Do Marshal Arts and has a teaching academy studio in Skowhegan, Maine.  She is also planning to live in the Dominican Republic when she is not in Maine with her school so she can travel more easily between the D.R. and Haiti. to oversee the program.  The ministry has grown to give help and support to Haitians living in the D.R.

Deborah Eklund is from Stamford, New York and has been on several mission trips to Haiti.  She attends the Breakabeen Church in Breakabeen, NY. She is married and has four children and four grandsons.

* Tammy Poulin has resently (July 2010) re-signed from A Heart for Haiti Missions to continue her own work in Haiti with the future establishment of a waste removal program and other projects she is hoping to start.  We are so happy that the people of Haiti will have more and more support through her work and commitment. 

Pastor Bob & Lesley Kendall live in Jefferson, New York. Bob is the pastor of the Breakabeen Church. Lesley is a teacher's aide at the Jefferson Central School. She is the music and worship leader of the church and also oversees the church Sunday School.  They have two sons and a daughter.

A Heart for Haiti Missions with Pastor Apollon Noel and his wife Marie. Pastor Noel is our spiritual and physical father head in Haiti.  He has been a pastor for 47 years and has started and supported many churches and schools in Northeastern Haiti.  His love and commitment to his people has been a great inspiration for us. We are so thankful for his hospitality and protection as we work and serve in Haiti.


Matthew 25:40  "Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me".