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Children's Saturday Feeding Programs


Two boys at the Terrier Rouge feeding program.

The Saturday Feeding Programs for Children were established by Pastor Apollon Noel's wife Marie Noel to provide the children with a hot meal on the weekend.  Many of the children will receive one hot meal a day when they attend school during the week but without a Saturday feeding program most of them would not eat all weekend.  The two areas of the feeding programs are in the town of Terrier Rouge and the small poor remote village of D'Ouvray. It is our hope to provide funds that will enable these feeding programs to continue on a weekly basis. The Terrier Rouge program has been in existance for about three years now, but the D'Ouvray program was started just this past March of 2010.

Please consider donating to this important cause. Without food any efforts of education are in vain because the children cannot learn from lack of nutrition.

Helpers serving the food on plates recently donated to the program

Children patiently waiting in line for their food. After a prayer said by Madam Marie Noel each one is given a plate.

Older sister shares her meal with younger sibling.

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James 2:26 For just as the body without the spirit is dead, so also faith without works is dead.