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Orphanage 2012

The Orphanage was moved in Nov. 2011 to a new location.  Because of our generous supporters, we were able to rent two identical mirror imaged houses that were side by side. One side for the boys and one for the girls.

This was a huge improvement, providing much needed space and more bathrooms. Housing for a night watch man and care takers. The back wall was removed so the two backyards could be joined and the two outside bathrooms. This gave a cookhouse and store room in one yard and a small living space for the watchman and office for Rosemene, the director of the orphanage in the other yard. Our biggest challenge now is to have a play area for the children, which space is scarce for.  It was recommended to us to make a playground on the flat roof tops of the two houses.
 It is also recommended that a social director is hired for the well fare of the children and the needs that arise in that area of their nurturing.

Photos of the new houses to come.

Living Christ Orphanage 2011

 The Living Christ Oprhanage children with director Rosemene Alexis. Sept. 2011

The children now have their bunkbeds and mattresses but now our lease is up for this house and because it has no water and the owner refuses to fix the well for us, we are looking for a new home for the children. Because there are now 25 children we are thinking that we need two houses.

Rosemen has also been busy getting the orphanage registered and official with the state and government of Haiti. Dossiers for adoption will be available in the future.

October 2011 



 May 2011 Mission Trip


Deb and Julienne with team member Chrystal visited the orphanage with new light weight quilts made by a sewing group of ladies called the "Phoebes" from the St. Mark's Lutheran Church in Middleburg, NY. Each child received their own personal quilt. What a delight to see their bright and happy smiles.

 Also a dentist from Stamford NY donated toothbrushes and toothpaste to each child.

It was also at this time, that each orphan was updated with their personal information for their sponsors.


This is the new yard of the Living Christ Orphanage with some of the children. No mud, such a cleaner space to play. Jan. 15, 2011

The children of the Living Christ Orphanage in Cap Haitien are now living in the new house in Madeline.  It has two large bedrooms, a double living space, bathroom and kitchen, plus a large yard with a cook house and strong safe walls and gates.

The most exciting thing is that funds were raised to purchase and install a new diesel fuel generator that will provide the house with electricity. 

Below are photos of Pastor Stevens and Kalo installing the unit.  Thank you to everyone who donated. God bless you.



This is the new house for the Orphanage (Dec. 2010)

The orphanage is on the first floor and the entrance is the double gate where the lady is standing. It has a secure alleyway to the back yard where there is a Haitian style cookhouse and toilet area. The house has a kitchen (double stoves), entrance area and living room, a bathroom between two large bedrooms.

This is the gate entrance from inside and alleyway.

This is the entrance from inside the house and the two living areas.


This is the new bathroom.

Thank you to all our supporters for making it possible to rent this wonderful house in Madeline, Cap Haitien, Haiti for the Living Christ Orphanage.

God bless you all.

All 21 orphans are now sponsored for $20.10 a month.

Living Christ Orphanage

Madeline, Cap Haitien, Haiti

This is a group photo of the 21 orphans at the Living Christ Orphanage in Madeline. (Sept. 2010)

The orphanage was started in March 2010 by Rosemene Alexis who is also the director of the School of the Living Christ which has 6 classes for the children living in abject poverty in the Madeline area of Cap Haitien, one of the poorest sections of the city.

The orphanage was birthed out of the need to help some of the refugees of the earthquake of Janunary 12, 2010. These refugees were helped to get back on their feet by Rosemene and A Heart for Haiti Missions. In the mean time, several street orphans and others that were taken to Rosemene to care for were added and the orphanage was started.

As of the present, the children are living with Rosemene in a very small two room house that has a courtyard, the large schoolroom, two small offices (one being the medical clinic that operates once a week). These accomodations are not adequate to care for these orphans in a healthy manner. They are living in a "high risk" situation.

We (AHFHM) are in the process of acquiring another house to rent (a donors has come forth to pay for the rent of this house for a year). We are hoping to find the perfect house soon. Julienne will be leaving for Haiti Nov.19th and will personally approve of the house chosen for the orphans.


Above link to photos of each child in orphanage.

This is Shanialove, one of the five children we sent to the doctor.  She was very malnourished with no life in her eyes.

Some of the children on the last day we visited. Notice the small arms of the malnourished children (who arrived at the orphange this way recently).

The bedroom all the children were sleeping in when we first saw it (Sept. 2010). This was what challenged our hearts to help this orphanage and it's very bad living conditions. 

If you are interested in helping with the new orphanage and the care of the children please go to the "Contact us" page on the menu. These children need your support and love.
James 1:27 "This is pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father, to visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world."