A Heart for Haiti Missions

Serving God and loving His people in Northeast Haiti and the Dominican Republic  

Tuition Assistance Program
Helping Students go on to Trade School and University

This is an exciting program in which it helps the over all future of Haiti as a country. We are very excited about it as we see the progress of helping individual students (under the direction of the local pastor who knows them) reach their goal to further their education. 

One student (Elizabeth F.) has completed her program in Cosmetology and is looking forward to a future of independence. She was an earthquake victum who lost her family (except a sister) and was devastated with the loss and the visions in her head. She now has a smile on her lovely face and the confidense of knowing that people love and care for her.

This is Elizabeth in March 2010 with Pastor Noel, he was very concerned for her and asked us to help her go to school and pay for her room and board in Cap Haitien.


Manius G. has been receiving continued support as he passes his exams to enter University to be a Social Science Teacher. Not only is he in the Tuition Assistance Program but he has also set up a "Petit Commerce" Small Business with a grant from AH4HM. He is our success story, as he has hired a person to work his small business selling coffee in the market, as he works at his education. We are very proud of him.



  Mica P. with Deb (March 2010)

Mica H. is a nursing student who started her first simester in Cap Haitian Nursing School.  She graduated from the Terrier Rouge Baptist Church School with high honors, but could not afford to go on to school. Her mother died and her father struggles to care for his family. With the help of our many donors and some assistance from her previous sponsors in secondary school, her dream has come true, and she will be a nurse. We are so thankful to be able to help this incredible young woman.

to be continued with other stories of students.....