A Heart for Haiti Missions

Serving God and loving His people in Northeast Haiti and the Dominican Republic  

November 2010 Mission Trip
Dominican Republic and Haiti
This was a solo trip for Julienne.  She left Maine a few days before Thanksgiving on the 18th of November.  When she arrived in the Domincan Republic she came to the realization that it was a possibility that she would not be able to get over the border into Haiti due to the rioting in Haiti and the increase of cholera that was spreading like wild fire.  However, we started a serious prayer chain and after many days of waiting, she stepped out in faith taking along a Haitian friend Fresnel who lived in the D.R. and with her two huge bags filled with Christmas gifts for the orphanage children plus some medical supplies in case the children did get sick she headed out for the long hard taxi and bus trip to Dajabon. She got in, she got over the border and there waiting was Kalo, Pastor Noel's trusty driver.  One of the hardest parts of the trip was making sure she had a very low profile, for many Haitians had blamed the "whites" for the cholera, and any white person was the target for their anger and release of frustration.
Julienne with Rosemene the director and adorable Francisca with the Christmas gifts, new clothes, toys and candy and a card.
It was also on this trip that Julienne was able to rent a new temporary house for the orphanage with a much cleaner and larger envirement.  She also interviewed several young men who needed assistance in schooling.  She checked the small business work grants in operation, and visited the church/school in Bois D'Lance. But delivering the gifts to the children was the highlight of the visit. I am sure many of the little ones think that she is "Saint Nick". 

September Mission Trip 2010
Julienne and Deborah in Haiti

This trip was was very special because we were able to establish the programs that were successful and we found other needs that were almost crucial for immediate assistance and help.

1. The establishment of the Living Christ Orphanage.  Rosemene the director of the school in Madeline had just taken in 21 orphan children without the ability to house them and feed them properly. We immediately took their photos and information and planned on setting up a sponsorship program for the orphans when we returned to the states.  As you will read on the (Living Christ Orphanage) web page that is listed and see the photos of the conditions they were living in, you will see why it was an emergency situation. This was heartbreaking and we also immediately brought Marie Noel the pastor's wife to see and give us her Haitian oppinion of the orphanage. She gave us a recommended feeding chart that should be used as a guide in feeding the children.

2. We interviewed several of the small businesses that were set up in April, and were very pleased with most of them. We also interviewed more women who wanted to set up a small business in the future.

3. New students for tuition assistance were interviewed. We will try to find them sponsors when we return to the states.

4. The feeding program was established in D'Ouvray and continued our support in Terrier Rouge which will be under Marie Noel.

5. Several new school benches were paid for the Living Christ School in Madeline and we helped deliver some finished benches to the rural school of D'Ouvray.

6. We were able to find out problems of a water storage tank for another missionary and photograph it for him.

7. We also bought pigs for more families.