A Heart for Haiti Missions

Serving God and loving His people in Northeast Haiti and the Dominican Republic  

2012 Mission Trips

January 2012

 Julienne and Deborah traveled to Haiti and stayed in Terrier Rouge at the Mission House. The main programs that they attented to were;

1.  The Living Christ Orphanage and the Orphanage Christmas party for 2011. We found the new orphanage very acceptible and are anxious to see improvements made in the future.


Julienne and Deborah with Rosemene (Director of Living Christ Orphanage and School) with her new quilt made by the ladies sewing group from St. Mark's Lutheran Church in Middleburg, NY. Several of the orphans also received new quilts. (other orphans received some in May 2011)  

Children excited and happy to enjoy their Christmas party. They each received a large ziplock bag full of candy, a toy and new outfit to wear. Each child was also updated with information and new photo for their sponsors and penpals.

2. We visited a very poor family that lived in the outskirts of Terrier Rouge whom we met last time we visited, and did an update on them with another org. named Care One Bit, Foundation. Together we will raise funds and contruct a new home for this family (Parmetier Jean-Noel).

This is the family and their home (ready to collapse) with three of their six children who living somewhere else because they cannot afford to feed them and no place to house them.

3. While we were in Terrier Rouge, a mother came to us and she was carrying her 10 year old daughter on her back. The child was in so much pain she could not walk. We knew she needed immediate medical attention so we posted her needs on facebook to raise funds to take her to the Dominican Republic to a children's hospital equipped to diagnose and treat her properly. Her name was Jessica and she is precious.


This is Jessica (Jan. 2012)