A Heart for Haiti Missions

Serving God and loving His people in Northeast Haiti and the Dominican Republic  

May 2011 Mission Trip


Team members Julienne Lebrun, Chrystal Crane and Deb Eklund in Haiti.

The May trip in Haiti was primarily to check on the new orphanage, bring funds to the Bois D' Lance Baptist church building project and school, support the two feeding programs, tuition assistance, pig project and to give aid to a particular family in desperate need. To also complete the bunkbed and mattress project for the orphans, to update the orphans for their sponsors and to evalutate the areas with the most needs.

The work that we did in the Dominican Republic was helping to support the church in Sosua called Noah's Ark and the slum school in Sosua run by a Haitian pastor for Haitian children. We also investicated the Haitian village outside of Sosua to see if we could help in any way.  Most important were the personal evangelistc opportunities that we came in contact with.

We were so blessed to have Chrystal Crane from Monpelier, Vt assist us on this trip.  She is a sponsor to two of our orphans.  Her graciousness and quiet ways were a tememdous help and support to us. Thank you so much Chrystal for helping to make this trip a success.

February 2011 Mission Trip

Julienne took this solo mission trip to the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

1. Funds were given to Pastor Josama of Sosua to help support his school for Haitian children living in the D.R.

2. A trip was taken to a Haitian village in the D.R. to see what needs are there. Funds were given to a young Haitian man to help him acquire necessary paper work for a job.

3. In Haiti she found the new housing for the orphans at Living Christ Orphanage doing well, except for a continuing water problem. Water still has to be lugged for cooking, washing and drinking. Continued support of both orphanage and school was given.

(Above-Little Carl-Henry with bags of bulk food for the orphanage).

 4. Support for feeding programs were given as was money to buy two more families in Terrier Rouge pigs.

5. Pastor Cadet of Bois D. Lance was given more funds for his building project.